lbdb – The Little Brother’s Database for Snow Leopard

Since Snow Leopard broke GPGMail I started to use Mutt, and I wanted to use lbdb to be able to search my Os X Address Book for contacts. With Snow Leopard also comes a new Xcode release, version 3.2, and that made some problems when trying to build ABQuery in lbdb-0.36. One of the users at MacPorts made a patch, but since I don’t use MacPorts (I tend to build from source) I applied the patch to the source myself. I have not found this elsewhere, so I thought I might as well make it available for download.

Download the patched source from here: lbdb-0.36-SnowLeopard.tar.gz (141.8 kB)

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4 thoughts on “lbdb – The Little Brother’s Database for Snow Leopard”

  1. Thanks for this – I’m using Sup for my email needs along with Vim as an editor and need to be able to access my OS X Address Book from within both. The Snow Leopard issue was a nuisance but I’m good again. Many thanks.

  2. Hi, I was looking to utilize Homebrew (similar to MacPorts), but the lbdb build there is no good – is your file statically linked? I see that it compiles cleanly, and was going to build a brew ‘formula’ for it.

    All this requires is a static link to the source tarball.


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