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  1. installed RaopX_v0.0.4.dmg (2.6 MB) on 10.5.8 No Dice! Can not find /usr/local/bin/. Do I have to uninstall before trying to build from source which does not seem to be helping out.

  2. I disabled the AE speaker password but then got :

    Connected to Date-Shake.local.
    Opening AudioQueue
    Bus error

    I tried to move RaopX to applications folder doing the following:

    gregory-sullivan-sullivans-macbook-pro:~ gregorysullivansullian$ mv /usr/local/bin/Raopx ~/Applicatons
    mv: rename /usr/local/bin/Raopx to /Users/gregorysullivansullivan/Applicatons: Permission denied
    gregory-sullivan-sullivans-macbook-pro:~ gregorysullivansullivan$ sudo mv /usr/local/bin/Raopx ~/Applicatons
    gregory-sullivan-sullivans-macbook-pro:~ gregorysullivansullivan$ Raopx
    -bash: Raopx: command not found
    gregory-sullivan-sullivans-macbook-pro:~ gregorysullivansullivan$ Raopx
    -bash: Raopx: command not found

    That didn’t work so I tried to reverse the command:

    gregory-sullivan-sullivans-macbook-pro:~ gregorysullivansullivan$ mv /usr/local/bin/Raopx ~/Applicatons no
    usage: mv [-f | -i | -n] [-v] source target
    mv [-f | -i | -n] [-v] source … directory
    gregory-sullivan-sullivans-macbook-pro:~ gregorysullivansullivan$ Rapox
    -bash: Rapox: command not found

    No Dice.
    Did I do something horribly wrong?
    What should I do?

    Also I have installed RaopX multiple times using both methods listed here do i need to uninstall and start fresh??? If so how is that done.

    Thank You,

    • Hi Greg.

      I am afraid you have a few typos among your commands.

      Try this:
      Reinstall RaopX using the installer.
      If/when you get the bus error move RaopX to the /Applications folder:
      sudo mv /usr/local/bin/RaopX /Applications/RaopX

      Now try starting RaopX by running it with the new full path:

      To clear things up:
      In your previous attempt you wrote ~/Applicatons and not /Applications/ which is two errors in one. Instead of moving the executable to the Applications folder you moved and renamed it to a file called Applicatons in your home folder. Which probably works, but then you’ll have to run it by entering Applicatons at the prompt and not RaopX.. where you also made a small typo.. it’s RaopX with capital R and X,( which I admit is stupid)

      Hope it works out.


  3. Right on! You are unbeliviably helpful. And I could not have done this with out cutting and pasting your cmmds in. Thank you thank you thank you.

    When are you building RaopX for the Iphone? I think it would be reasonably popular.

    • You are very welcome :)

      Since Apple added Airplay to iOS 4.2 there is really no need for RaopX on the iPhone.
      (And I should probably fix the bugs in the current version before starting a new project :???: )

  4. Hí,

    Can you help me please?

    I get the following problem:

    Searching for RAOP capable devices
    ERR: gethostbyname: ‘AirPort-Express-van-James-Jones.local.?’
    MacBook-Pro-van-James-Jones:~ JamesJones$

    What do I have to do?


  5. Works great routing GarageBand to Soundflower which RaopX sends to speakers!

    The 9 second delay (buffer) makes it useless to do musical work though. Is there a way to remove the buffer / delay?

  6. Hi , thanks for this , its amazing .

    The command ‘sudo mv /usr/local/bin/RaopX /Applications/RaopX’ to move to the applications was the only way i could get it to work at all .

    Much respect for bringing the music .

  7. Success!
    Many Thanks to Hersson!
    Tried to install a script for ease ( and to avoid Terminal, but can’t seem to get it work.
    Oh well, will do without


  8. hi, I tried to make it worked but i’m faced to this message

    MacBook-Pro-de-jra:~ jra$ RaopX

    RaopX 0.0.4

    Searching for RAOP capable devices
    ERR: gethostbyname: ‘AirPort-Express-de-DRAP-Jean-Marie.local?’

    can anybody help me with this, I m a noob with a mac terminal

  9. After finally getting RaopX to work all I can hear is the internal microphone on the airport express. Changed audio settings to Soundflower. Any ideas?

    • @Nathan

      Running RaopX as super user (with sudo) has that effect. I you have to run RaopX with sudo to run it, try moving the executable to your home folder or the /Applications/ directory like described in the “I only get bus error…… ” paragraph above.

  10. Hi there,

    I was about to say I’m having issues.. but then realised my speakers were unplugged from my Airport Express. Thanks so much for this, it’s great, works like a charm!

  11. Hi,
    I have started RaopX yesterday and the app was just perfect. I could play the sound of my computer on my Hi-Fi. Today, I start the app with the Terminal and this is what I got:
    Which device would you like to use
    Enter number and press : 0
    RaopX(536) malloc: *** error for object 0x2: pointer being reallocated was not allocated
    *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug
    ERR: rtspcl_add_exthds: realloc failed: Cannot allocate memory

    Can you explain me how to solve this please? I don’t know how to use the code in the Terminal… Should I uninstall the app and reinstall?

    • Very interesting.

      This error has been reported a couple of times before, but this is the first time anyone has had a working installation and then later reported an error. I am sorry to say that I don’t know what causes this. If you reinstall and/or get it to work again please post another comment to let others know what you did. Sorry that I can’t be of more help.

      • same here:

        RaopX 0.0.4

        Searching for RAOP capable devices

        Multiple devices found:
        0) device1.local.
        1) device2.local.

        Which device would you like to use
        Enter number and press : 1
        raopx(44250) malloc: *** error for object 0xd: pointer being reallocated was not allocated
        *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug
        ERR: rtspcl_add_exthds: realloc failed: Cannot allocate memory

        • Hit this after installing the RaopX. Rebooting my Mac fixed this problem. Hope this helps. I noticed only one source can be used to a destination at a time. RaopX will prevent iTunes from using that destination. You need to stop RaopX before using iTunes to that destination.

          • I have the same problem. It sometimes works, sometimes not. Rebooting doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. Try again in a day or two and it may have fixed itself.

            • I resolved the problem by turning off one of the two devices. It’s been working fine for a week. I suspect the problem happens only when there are multiple devices on the network.

  12. Will the 10sec delay be fixed in short term? Because of this delay it’s a bit annoying to use RaopX. I cannot check a few songs I like because I have to wait 10sec before I hear the new song and when I skip to the next one, it will take another 10sec before I hear the next song :(

    Also when changing the volume the effect will only be applied after the 10sec delay :(

  13. Also it would be great if there was a very small tiny app or widget like thingy with 2 buttons: switch between 2ch Soundflower/Internal speakers and the second button that will start/stop RaopX selecting a predefined airplay device automatically.

    • Take a look through the comments. There exists several applescripts made by RaopX users doing almost exactly what you are looking for.

      • Is itunes then hiding some special features, because it doesn’t need to buffer for 9 seconds ?
        Glad it works here anyway :)
        Kind regards.

  14. Doesn’t work for me :(
    geting error:

    RaopX 0.0.4

    Searching for RAOP capable devices
    ERR: exec_request: request failed, error 500

    • Marcin,

      Error code 500 is ‘Internal Server Error’.
      Are you sure everything is ok with your airport express?

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  16. Super tool! hank you very much. Now trying to avoud the 9 sec delay: Is it possible to deactivate the internal speaker of my Mac and only send the sound to the AE?

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