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  1. I don’t get it. Installed everything fine. Set Soundflower input/output to 2ch as instructed in SysPrefs. Clean start using ->sudo RaopX. Should I be able to get a stream playing in Safari to my AE speakers? Should Soundflower be set to None (OFF)? If it’s set to Built-in Output then my laptop speakers play the stream like normal. The only thing I hear out of my AE speakers are sounds from the internal microphone even though I set input to Soundflower (2ch) in SysPrefs. In fact, I can see the input level indicators moving as they should to the stream in Safari. So that part is working! It’s just not making it to my speakers – except for sounds from the internal microphone. OK, so my Airport utility shows I have a password set for the speakers! That’s that problem, right? Well, it says I need a password and won’t let me update it w/o one. Thoughts?

  2. If I drop the sudo, I get this:

    [jdmac:/usr/local/bin] % RaopX

    RaopX 0.0.4

    Searching for RAOP capable devices

    Connected to AirportX.local.
    Opening AudioQueue
    Segmentation fault

    Thanks again for any suggestions!

    • @JD

      See my response to Aaron from October 22nd.

      Try moving the RaopX executable from /usr/local/bin/ to e.g your home- or the Applications folder.

  3. Sorry – forgot to mention that I did try that one also.
    [jdmac:~] % RaopX

    RaopX 0.0.4

    Searching for RAOP capable devices

    Connected to AirportX.local.
    Opening AudioQueue
    Segmentation fault

  4. Everythong works like a charm. But if I want to watch a youtube video the 9 seconds delay ruin everything. Is there a way to work with this delay, so I can lipsynch the videos?
    e.g. +9 seconds.

    that would make this software very very useful.

    Still it works very well.

    • @luckyo
      If the delay was constant at 9 seconds you probably could do something without that much work to delay youtube accordingly. Unfortunately the delay is drifting slightly which makes it almost impossible. It has to be done right. RaopX ain’t written with that in mind.. I made it just to be able to play music from Wimp (Norwegian Spotify competitor) on my stereo, but the source is here for you to download.. be my guest, use it and fix it :-)

      Best regards,


  5. Hi everyone,

    I need to confess i know almost nothing regarding codes and softwares.

    Just got an airport express and would like to have other signals than I Tunes on the speakers out there.

    Succeeded in getting RaopX to work (yeah !) with the 9 sec delay (fair enough, understand it’s not easy to fix).

    One question though : You guys mention the soft consumes 700Mb / hour. Is there a need to trash all these data when stopping the terminal apps or are the data automatically trashed ?
    It may be a stupid question… Sorry !
    But thanks in advance for the answer !

    • @bibi75

      Not a stupid question at all.
      As long as RaopX is stopped in an ordinary fashion there is no need to manually delete the temp file. RaopX will do that for you. However if you just tear down the terminal without stopping RaopX first the temp file will remain on your drive until you start RaopX again or manually delete it. With todays large hard drives leaving the temp file around shouldn’t do any harm. If you want to keep an eye on it, it is stored in ‘/tmp/raopxtmpbuffer’. If it’s still there when RaopX isn’t running, just delete it.


  6. Thanks Hersson,

    I guess that it is exactly where my skills are limited !
    I’m uncomfortable with this part : “just tear down the terminal without stopping RaopX first”.
    I basically exit the terminal (the first miracle is that i found the terminal apps !) shutting the program down. Then, i don’t know whether RaopX is still running.

    I’m also uncomfortable with the path you provided. I just do not know what it means, ie do not know where to go and check out.

    Thanks in advance for your answer and for the training session !

    • If you press [Ctrl]+C, and then [Enter], RaopX will shutdown and remove the temp file. If you just close the terminal window (tear down), RaopX will stop but the temp file will remain on your drive. It will then be removed the next time you start RaopX.

  7. Here’s what I’m getting:
    RaopX 0.0.4

    Searching for RAOP capable devices

    Connected to J-P-LR.local.
    Opening AudioQueue
    Bus error

    thanks for any advice!

  8. Works as intended! Thank you so much
    Been looking for this kind of free app for a long time

    Just a minor tip to others. In order to run without manually running Terminal and typing “RaopX”

    Create a text file under /Applications folder (or any folder). Put “/usr/local/bin/RaopX” in the first line. Make sure to add an empty 2nd line (i.e. press Enter after the 1st line)

    Open Terminal. Then do “chmod +x /Applications/your_text_file”

    In Finder, right click on the text file, then click “Get Info”. Then under “Open with” select Terminal

  9. Hi, I used the Installer and receive the following error when i start RaopX and select an Airport Express.

    Which device would you like to use
    Enter number and press : 1
    RaopX(458) malloc: *** error for object 0x2: pointer being reallocated was not allocated
    *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug
    ERR: rtspcl_add_exthds: realloc failed: Cannot allocate memory

  10. Installed Soundflower, RaopX as described. Entered sudo RaopX. Here’s what I got:

    RaopX 0.0.4

    Searching for RAOP capable devices
    ERR: exec_request: request failed, error 453

  11. I have installed RaopX all three times, put each version of the executable in different folders and ran them all, using both sudo and non-sudo, and EVERY TIME I get the following error:

    ERR: exec_request: request failed, error 401

    Snow Leopard, why dost thou forsake me so?

  12. Thanks for this, it works a treat. Hope you continue to update and get that stream buffer down from 9 seconds.

    Love to give some tips to others, but I had no problems with my Airport Express. Turn on Airport, select Soundflower 2ch for input and output in Audio preferences, ensure the Airport is contactable and then start the stream.

  13. I can’t get it to work!

    The only thing I hear is myself captured by my laptop’s internal microphone!

    What am I doing wrong?

  14. Excellent!

    I have made two apps with AppleScript-Editor to start and stop the RaopX stream. One click on the start app and seconds later you can listen to your favourite music. The start app changes the system preferences, starts the terminal, types RaopX and starts the stream and it opens grooveshark.com in Safari. One click on the other app to stop the stream, close the terminal and restore the system preferences. The apps work flawlessly on my laptop but are of course written for my Dutch Mac Os. It should not be too much of a problem to make the necessary changes in the scripts, though. Save the scripts as programs (Save as …). Put them in the program folder, drag the icons onto the dock.

    The two scripts can be found here: http://users.fulladsl.be/spb12567/GeluidRaopX.scpt and http://users.fulladsl.be/spb12567/GeluidLaptop.scpt

  15. I tried to get jdan’s scripts running on an iMac running English Mac OS X 10.6.5. With the help of a Dutch -> English dictionary I made the following changes:
    Geluid -> Sound
    Uitvoer -> Output
    Invoer -> Input
    Using AppleScript Editor I Compiled the modified GeluidRaopX.scpt and then tried to run it, but got an error message:
    “System Events got an error: Access for assistive devices is disabled.”
    for the line
    click radio button “Output”
    I checked that the following file exists:
    For Mac OS X 10.6.5 the Output and Input options are not in the form of radio buttons, but just selectable lines in a list. Could this be the problem?

    Another point which is not clear to me (I’m not familiar with AppleScript) is how to produce and install apps from the scripts.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

        • Hmm..“System Events got an error: Access for assistive devices is disabled.” strange….

          I don’t use OS X anymore, so I haven’t tried jdan’s scripts myself.

          • OK the scripts now run without errors – I’m not sure why the error was occurring previously. However, The second part of the script (setting the input device to Soundflower) didn’t work correctly, and resulted in sound transmission being blocked. I deleted this part of the script and everything worked fine (it seems that it’s not necessary to change the input device).
            Thanks to Hersson and jdan for these useful tools.

  16. Thanks for your hard work on this app! Unfortunately though when testing it, I installed it on a work machine that I’m not really supposed to be messing around with. How would I go about completely uninstalling Raopx?

    • Depending on whether you build it your self or used the installer here is a complete file list, just delete every file on this list to remove RaopX:
      RaopX executable:

      Libsamplerate library:

      The installer also puts a few files in /private/var/db/receipts/
      they are all called com.hersson.raopxVersion004.*something*

      That should be all.

  17. Thanks for raopx icm soundflower. It works really well. The sound is better than Airfoil. However, I need to op the terminal app every time that I start my Macbook. Is there a method to do this automatically or to have the settings fixed.

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