RaopX, an open source airport express client for Os X

A friend and I have just started to work an open source AirportExpress client for Os X. The client is based on raop_play version 0.5.1, and has the working title RaopX. The original raop_play let’s you stream audio files from your computer to your AirportExpress base station. RaopX will instead let you stream audio from any application you’ve got on your Mac to the AirportExpress. The initial version will stream any audio that comes in on the default input device of your mac, and will depend on the routing functionality of e.g. Soundflower to achieve the desired functionality. The goal is to have no dependencies to other applications in the end, but we’ll have to see how things progress as we move along.
The project is currently in it’s very early stages, but the status as of today is that we’ve modified raop_play so that it compiles and run’s on Os X and incorporated an input audio queue so when routed through Soundflower we’ve got audio through to the AirtportExpress.
The hard part still remains though. RaopX still plays files, so everything coming in is stored to a temporary file before being sent to the AirportExpress. In other words: we still have a very long way to go.
Updates will be posted here reporting our progress so check back soon.

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