Monthly Archives: January 2009

How to move your home folder under Os X

When installing Linux I always create a separate partition for my home folder. The main reason for this is that a reinstall of the operating system does not necessarily have to affect my home folder. On Linux this is a very simple task done during the installation process, but Os X does not offer the ability to do this during the install. Never the less it is still a simple task.

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Make your own custom theme for Os X Leopard

Ever felt a bit tired of the same old Leopard desktop? Yesterday I started to fool around to see what possibilities Apple has left “open” to the users to change with out too much hastle. The result of this research is that it is not much, but a few tweeks to the dock and menubar made my desktop brand new and now with a “Gears Of War” theme. This is a summary of what I did.

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